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How to Pick the Right Instrument for You

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Learning to play a new instrument can be a fun and exiting experience, especially if it’s the first instrument you’ve ever played. That being said, there numerous different types of instruments, and the choices can become overwhelming. Instead of settling for the first instrument you see — or even worse, giving up entirely — there are a few steps you can take to pick the instrument that is right for you. Continue reading below to learn more!

If you’re considering learning a new instrument, or you want to fine-tune your skills on an instrument you already know how to play, Prattland Music Adventures in Lehi is here to help. We offer music classes for kids and adults of all ages, providing you with the expert instruction you need to become a fantastic musician. Check out the classes we have available, or stop by our store to start the enrollment process!

Imagine Yourself Playing an Instrument

The first step you can take to determine which instrument is right for you is to imagine yourself playing an instrument. If you are someone who likes to listen to music, maybe there is a specific instrument that always sticks out to you, such as the drums or bass. Perhaps you enjoy listening to more folk music because you can imagine yourself playing the acoustic guitar and singing along. As you start to think about learning an instrument, pay attention to what sticks out to you, and consider what type of instrument you imagine yourself playing when you think about this new goal.

Determine If You Like the Sound

Another way to narrow down the type of instrument you want to play is to determine what sounds you like. There may be a specific instrument that sticks out, or you may feel passionate about a specific type of music. Even knowing what genre of music you want to play can help you decide what instrument you want to learn. For example, if you are someone who really enjoys listening to jazz music, and you dream about playing in a jazz band some day, choosing that specific genre can narrow down your choices significantly, making it easier for you to choose an instrument such as the trumpet, trombone, or even the jazz flute!

Compare the Instrument to Your Physical Strength

While you may be drawn to a specific instrument, it’s also important to determine if the instrument matches your physical strength. As you can imagine, some instruments, such as the sousaphone, are quite large, which means it might not be the most appropriate instrument for a child. In addition to the actual size of the instrument, you may also have to consider the physical strength it takes to make a sound with the instrument. Some instruments, such as the flute or the French horn, require excellent breath control, so if you’re easily winded, it might not be the best fit.

Find the Right Size

Size is another important factor that you will need to consider when you pick out an instrument. Not only do you need to consider the actual size of the instrument compared to the person playing it, whether it be you or your child, but it’s also important to think about the size of the case. If you’re going to band practice or traveling with the instrument in any way, you will need to be able to accommodate the instrument, its case, and any other equipment you might need.

In regards to physical size of the instrument, it’s a good idea to pick an instrument that you can play comfortably without having to make too many adjustments to your posture. This is an especially important thing to consider with children, as many of them dream of playing large instruments. The good news is that there are many similar instruments that start out at a smaller size, allowing children to grow into the larger instruments as they get older. For example if your child is determined to play the baritone saxophone, you can start them off with an alto saxophone to help them learn the techniques until they are big enough to handle the weight of the baritone.

Try It Out

Once you’ve narrowed down your search to one or two instruments that have piqued your interest and pass any physical tests you need to consider, the final step is to try it out. You wouldn’t want to buy a new pair of shoes without putting them on and walking around the store a bit, and the same idea applies to instruments! You may have an idea of how the instrument will look and feel when you’re playing it, but you can’t know for sure unless you actually give it a try. Actually trying out the instrument can help you determine one of two things — it could either solidify your decision that it’s the right instrument for you, or it could help you figure out that another instrument may be a better choice.

Get Started at Prattland Music Adventures

If you’re ready to pick out an instrument and start playing, Prattland Music Adventures in Lehi is ready to help! Not only can we provide you with instrument rentals, but we also have a group of experienced musicians who offer music classes for kids and adults of all ages. Learn the skills needed to become a master of music! Explore our website to find out more, and get started by enrolling today.

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