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Prices & Policies

Updated 8/10/2020



  • Lessons are based on 48 lessons per year.  With 52 weeks in the year, this means we will take 4 weeks off during a year.  The current year’s calendar is posted online at 2020, we will close for spring break (4/6/20 – 4/12/20), summer break (7/2/20 – 7/5/20), Thanksgiving break (11/24/20 – 11/29/20), and Christmas break (12/20/20 – 1/1/21). Please add these dates to your calendar and plan accordingly. 
  • Students and families can sign up for lessons and most classes at any point of the year, including in the middle of a month, and we will prorate the weeks remaining in the first month.  


TUITION (First Lesson ONLY $10)

  • Tuition is based on 48 lessons per year, and is paid by the month.  Most months have 4 lessons per month, but 4 months per year there will be 5 lessons per month, and we take 4 weeks off (see the Prattland Music Adventures Calendar online, or ask for a hard copy at the front desk).
  • If tuition is paid on or before the 1st day of each month, you will receive a discount. (Autopay is the recommended way to consistently pay by the 1st of each month.)
  • Tuition Rates for Weekly Private Lessons

30 minute private = $110/month ($100/month if paid by the first of the month)

45 minute private = $165/month ($150/month if paid by the first of the month)

60 minute private = $220/month  ($200/month if paid by the first of the month)

  • Prices for SINGLE Private Lessons

A single 30 minute private lesson = $36 /lesson

A single 45 minute private lesson = $54 /lesson

A single 60 minute private lesson = $72 /lesson

  • Family Discounts: $5 discount for multiple students in the immediate family (down to $90/month for a 30 min. lesson)
  • Registration fee = $25.00 per student or $50.00 per family
  • Tuition Rates for Small Group Classes

Preschool (Ages 4 – 5) = $200 / month: REGISTER HERE 

Let’s Play Music (1st year, ages 4 – 5) = $55 / month, plus materials: REGISTER HERE 

Sound Beginnings (ages birth – 4) = $45 / month, plus materials: REGISTER HERE

Music Classes for Elementary-aged Children (ages 5 – 12)  $50 / month 

Instrument Exploration Class

Children’s Chorus

Group Voice = $90/month ($10 discount if paid 1st of month)

2 students=45 minutes, 3+ students=60 minutes

Group Guitar = $90/month ($10 discount if paid 1st of month)

2 students=45 minutes, 3+ students=60 minutes

Jazz or Rock Bands = $225 /15-Week Semester (Fall & Winter)

String ensembles = $225 /15-Week Semester (Fall & Winter)

Show choirs = $225 /15-Week Semester (Fall & Winter)

** For more info on Classes for Elementary-aged Children, click here



  • Tuition is due by the 1st of every month. Students are encouraged to sign up for automatic payments on their debit or credit card.  
  • If tuition is not paid by the 1st, students will be removed from the lesson schedule until their balance is paid. Prattland Music Adventures will not guarantee that a student’s lesson time will be available once their balance is paid.  



  • If a student withdraws in the middle of the month, tuition will not be refunded. 
  • Tuition is not prorated for student absences (see Student Lesson Cancellation policy below).
  • Tuition will not be refunded if a student cancels before the end of a month.  However, if proper notice of withdrawal is given, tuition for the next month may be prorated if students are continuing into the next month but unable to receive all of their lessons.



  • Students must let the management of Prattland Music Adventures know IN WRITING that they are withdrawing by the 20th of the preceding month or tuition for the next month will be charged and not refunded.  This is to allow us time to fill the teacher’s schedule.  



  • A student’s scheduled lesson time will rarely be changed, unless a permanent (ongoing) change is arranged with Prattland Music Adventures management.
  • If a student misses a lesson or is absent for their scheduled lesson time, they (the students) are eligible for a 1-Hour Group Make-up Master Class with a Prattland Music Adventures teacher.  The schedule for these group make-up classes is published well in advance—contact the management for a copy of the schedule or the days and times they will be held.
  • If a student misses a private lesson, and wants to attend a 1-Hour Group Make-up Master Class, they need to contact Prattland Music Adventures management as soon as possible (at least 24 hours prior to the date & time of the class) and ask to be scheduled for a class.  
  • Tuition is not refunded or prorated for missed private lessons.



  • If a teacher is unable to teach a lesson because they (the teacher) will be absent, and they give sufficient notice, Prattland Music Adventures will do their best to schedule a substitute to replace the teacher until they return.  Students will not be refunded tuition or granted a private make-up lesson if they do not want a substitute teacher.
  • If a teacher does not give enough notice of their absence and/or Prattland Music Adventures cannot find a substitute teacher, students will be scheduled for a private make-up lesson when the teacher’s and student’s schedules permit.  
  • If a teacher does not show up for a lesson, the student will not be charged for that lesson, as well as be granted a free lesson, and given the option to switch teachers if they desire to do so.  



  • No food or drink (besides water) is allowed in the waiting area or studios.
  • Parents are responsible to monitor their children and clean up any messes they may make in the waiting area.  
  • Children are not to be left for the front desk to tend.
  • If mothers bring babies they should always change diapers in the restroom.  



  • Computers, pianos, digital pianos, & keyboards are for the use of enrolled students only.  
  • Absolutely no food or drink is allowed near the computers, pianos, digital pianos, or keyboards.



  • Parent observation of lessons is encouraged, especially if the students are young.  
  • If parents are observing their child’s lesson, they should leave other children at home.



  • The management, staff, and teachers of Prattland Music Adventures will not release any personal contact information for the teachers to anyone.  If you need to contact your teacher, your options are to call or email the school (Prattland Music Adventures) and leave a message—the management will make sure it gets to the teacher.


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